The Lobbyist We Need

Lobbyists are by far the most effective way to combat bills in the United States Government.  They can asisst and execute work effectively that a layperson cannot do. Here are a few of the ways the lobbyist Frank Vitello and his firm Vitello Consulting can help our cause and strike down this bill.
Access:  Lobbyist spend their days working directly with politicians and the DC work force.  They can get and recieve important information to and from the people we need it from most.
Vitello served as a cheif strategist for the National Fisheries Institute along with being a professional staff member for the United States House of Representives Committee on Natural Resources. Vitello’s staff is comprised of 4 other expereinced lobbyists who have vast experience working in Goverment as well holding titles such as: Staff Environmental Enforcement Section of the United States Department of Justice and many more influencial positions.
Vitello has the pulse of DC and uses this in his work.  The firm can reach out and get responses within a day from many of the most important people in government (ie. Senators, Congressmen, etc).
Connections:  In many cases, as is the case with our lobbyist (please see below mention) lobbyists are acquaintances and/or co-workers/associates with the very peope that effect and vote upon the bills themselves.  This is invaluable in our fight, as he has done a lot of work in the environmental field.  Working to assist reptile, exotic pet, and fisheries laws in many parts of the South, mainly South Florida.  This is very important to our cause.
Tactical Procedures:  Lobbyist’s know inside and out how to work against a bill and support bills as well step by step with no bumps or missed opportunities in the way.  Among the ways he will fight for our bill is the following:  Who to contact and the ability to conntact them influencially.  How to structure, time, and send out our arguement in the form of letters, meetings, petitions, etc.  Timing, the ability to know where things stand at that very moment and what and when things need to be done.  There are many more, this is just a few.
Vitello knows how to structure and layout our fight, who to send letters to, who to have meetings with, when to do this, how to get restricted access, etc.
Organization:  Lobbyist structure and organize our entire fight.  You can be assured things are getting done, not only that but being done the right way and getting out to the people and using the methods that are the most effective.
Above are just a few of the reasons a Lobbyist and in particular how Vitello Consulting is a good choice for us to lead the charge on this issue.
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